20141205_132327Kemetic communication is a pan African organization based on the continent in the area our ancestors referred to as the land of the gods at the foot hills of the mountains of the moon at the source of the Nile, now known as Uganda.

Kemetic communication is an ideologically, philosophically and action oriented organization that is solely dedicated to promoting and improving the daily lives of African people, much of our work and strength lays in mobilizing and organizing the African people on the continent and abroad through the various media apparatus we have setup over the years, these include radio stations, television stations and news paper, journals and magazines not for getting online media such as websites and social media platforms.

At kemetic communications we pride ourselves as the leading force in the fight against black people’s ignorance of their self and as such we have mounted an all out campaign dubbed Free Your Mind Initiation which is a window into the re-education of the African people and thus ultimately freeing them from mental slavery.

free your mind initiation

Through this campaign we have been able to lecture to various individuals ranging from military officers, civil servants, students, traditional leader/elders of kingdoms in Africa, politicians and the general public who tune into our various television and radio programs.

We emphasize among all Africa cultural superiority, historic heritage, cultural diversity, natural resources and many other factors only attributed to African not for getting the need organize our people to defend our race by arming them with knowledge and first hand intelligence.

topic we discuss include:

  1. the new world order and white supremacy
  2. classical and contemporary African history
  3. science and technology
  4. education
  5. health
  6. war and crime
  7. economics and geopolitics
  8. food and drugs
  9. agricultural and environment

We often bear an alternate view of world matter as opposed to what is presented by main stream media which as to our understanding is controlled by the very people we are trying to free our people from, and so its imperative that we teach our people how to decipher news as presented by these sources.

We have several publications including books, journal, pamphlets and newsletters, they include:

  1. When the African wakes. by Dr Kihura Nkuba
  2. |Free Your Mind Initiation, by Dr Kihura Nkuba
  3. Ekitabo ky’amagara “book of life” by Dr. Kihura Nkuba
dr. kihura nkuba lectures to karamojong elders recently
dr. kihura nkuba lectures to karamojong elders recently

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