7 Things Every Black Person Should Know About the Reconstruction Era


Most of us have heard about the Reconstruction Era, but quite a few people know very little about it.  So, one of our bloggers put together a quick primer to make sure that you and your child know the basics of this period, which took place right after the Civil War. Continue reading


Kemetic Science – Using your full potential

“Begin All Things With The Sacred Name Of The Creator and Sustainer Of The Boundless Universe, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, Rabb (Lord) Of The Systems.

god_ra_on_a_sun_boat_by_sanio-d5vdemoWe ask for help and guidance in all we Think, Say, and do.”

Dear Seekers: (The Creator) is the source of ALL;

The Knowledge of ancient Kemet was very powerful, and the people of ancient Kemet certainly tapped into that power. Their sacred way of Life was not to compete with each other, control other people or to only control resources for themselves, but to use their full p

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