Dr. kihura nkuba visits lango kingdom

The director of the pan African center for strategic and international research Dr20150127_110242. kihura nkuba this week made a visit to the lango region, as part of his pan African campaign which as seen him visit more than five kingdoms in the last two months. Continue reading


Ifa The true Religion of Yorubas.Sixteen is the number of cosmos.

yoruba-people-culture  Yoruba-bronze-head In the Beginning, Olodumare (God) gave the Orisa Orunmila a flawless method of communication between himself and the Orisa called Ifa. Ifa is linked to destiny through the Ifa the true religion of Yorubas . Continue reading

The long, shameful history of American terrorism: Noam Chomsky

The long, shameful history of American terrorism: Noam Chomsky

U.S. Marine holds Iraqi child after crossfire ripped apart family in central Iraq

“It’s official: The U.S. is the world’s leading terrorist state, and proud of it.”

That should have been the headline for the lead story in the New York Times on October 15, which was more politely titled “CIA Study of Covert Aid Fueled Skepticism About Helping Syrian Rebels.”

The article reports on a CIA review of recent U.S. covert operations Continue reading

10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brain Works

10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brain Works


One of the things that surprises me time and time again is how we think our brains work and how they actually do.

On many occasions I find myself convinced that there is a certain way to do things, only to find out that actually that’s the complete wrong way to think about it. For example, I always found it fairly understandable that we can multitask. Well, according to the latest research st

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